We are all born with tremendous natural capacities, but we lose touch with many of them as we spend more time in the world.

Many people never connect with their real talents and don’t know what are they capable of achieving.

Why haven’t most people found their true talents?

About Me

Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by.

My name is Luci, married to an Englishman; we have three wonderful sons and four gorgeous grandchildren. I was born in Mexico. I have been moving around the globe from my early 20’s. We usually spend six months in England and six months in Australia, but we often visit our youngest son who lives in the US and my family in Mexico.  

As I travel regularly, family, friends and acquaintances often ask me about the places I visit, its lifestyle and culture. My intention with this website is to share those experiences with my readers and to communicate with those who want to connect with their talents and passions.

I created Happy Life Digital as I am making significant changes in my life. These changes have given me an incentive to start a process of inner and outer work to become the person I want to be.

Our mindset and education play a significant role in our lives and Happy Life Digital mission is to build sustainable relationships with those around the world, who want to connect online to empower, share ideas, collaborate and educate to rise to a new level.  It will be a dialogue and exploration of thoughts in the hope to inspire and uplift your heart.

With much appreciation


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