Control Your Own Identity

Our roles in each relationship are likely to affect how we identify ourselves.

My identity as a mother has remained, but parts of me have changed over the years.

My three sons have grown now and have moved entirely into lives of their own. They have moved to a world of work, friendship and, all other attachments. A separate sphere where I am, for the most part, a welcome visitor.

I have always believed that parenting is more about preparing them to be independent, to be competent and enthusiastic about moving into a meaningful adult lives and less about having ‘happy’ children indefinitely clingy and dependent.

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How to Stay Focused in Today’s Digital Environment

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.”    Josh Billings.

This quote caught my attention as I have been trying to focus on my most important tasks, only to find it is an uphill battle. But instead of feeling defeated, I have decided that I will benefit by paying attention to what is happening within myself to move forward and be more in control.

Every day is a new beginning; finding the connection between mind and body is the key to making a change. Awareness is the beginning of transformation.

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