Why Only 1% Understand This? by Tom Bilyeu

Money, Fulfilment, Power, Happiness

In this powerful message from Tom Bilyeu, he talks about how most people chase money, but if getting money is the only objective,  they will experience a high level of dissatisfaction.

Money has power, it is the great facilitator, and we can do a lot with money but what we are after is happiness.

We all have a goal, and that goal is not money, it is not the success; it is entirely brain chemistry. Continue reading “Why Only 1% Understand This? by Tom Bilyeu”

Do I Really Need a Website? For What Purpose?

Ideas for Creating a Website

When I started my training in online marketing a few months ago, one of the first recommendations was to start building my personal website.

Questions such as, “What can I write about, I am new to this?” “Do I need to be a tech-savvy?’ “What exactly would be the purpose of my website?” “Is it essential?”

I was apprehensive to start as my website would have to reflect who I am. And if I wanted to connect with my readers, it was imperative to share my own story as authentically and honestly as possible. Continue reading “Do I Really Need a Website? For What Purpose?”

The Simple Reasons Why Most People Fail in Business

Lady showing frustration

Why Do Most People fail in Business?

Mark Cuban, American businessman, investor, owner of the Dallas Mavericks says that companies fail because they don’t prepare, they fail to put themselves in their customer’s shoes. Companies fail to understand what their customer wants, they fail to take care of their customers better than the competition, and he is so right!

This week I had an experience that confirmed what Mark is stating. Continue reading “The Simple Reasons Why Most People Fail in Business”

9 Fundamental Memory Principles by Jim Kwik

9 Fundamental Memory Principles

How good is your memory? Do you take your mind and mental capacity for granted?

Anyone who is interested in improving their memory and mental effectiveness, no matter what age; a student for final exams, a professional or business person who wants to improve performance, or a senior to maintain and enhance their mental ability can benefit by learning memory techniques. Continue reading “9 Fundamental Memory Principles by Jim Kwik”

What Are the Basic Steps to Improve Your Personal Brand?

What are the Basic Steps To Improve Your Personal Brand?

Personal Branding. What does specifically mean and how can people in business acquire an influential personal brand? I needed some answers.

When I first started my education in the online marketing business, I repeatedly heard about the importance of personal branding. To understand the concept entirely, I have gone back to my training and made some notes that I would like to share with you in this article.

What is Personal Branding? Continue reading “What Are the Basic Steps to Improve Your Personal Brand?”