Is Father’s Day on 1st September 2019 in Australia?

A dad holding his baby tenderly

Father’s Day has become socially and commercially successful. It is a celebration that many families take seriously as an opportunity to let dad’s know they are loved and valued.

Some countries, including the US and UK, celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but there is a simple explanation why Father’s Day in Australia is a full three months after other countries.

Father’s Day in Australia

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Business Ideas That Might Be Right For You

Marketing, Concept, Success Team, Plan those words written on a blue background

With so many options, do you find it easy to know what kind of business the right one for you is?

You might find that you need to consider a few different ideas so that you can find the inspiration you need.

About two years ago, I realised that I needed a change in my life. I also knew that it was going to be quite a challenge, but there was no other choice. I knew deep down I needed to move on. Maybe you can relate.

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How To Transform Your Relationship with Your Time?

A business man checking time in his wrist watch

The present time has one advantage over every other – it is our own. Charles Caleb Colton

It seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything you need to do, but if we want to achieve much more, we must find the way to use our time effectively.

Time is our most precious resource, so being clear on what we are going to do, when we are going to do it, and what we are not going to do can make a significant difference in our lives.

But, is time a perception? How does the brain experiences time?

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Is Negativity Affecting Your New Business?

A picture of a man wondering how to review

As you build your business, are there any circumstances that push you into negativity mode? Do you get upset when things don’t go as planned?

Experiencing negativity is inevitable when we are taking our lives to a whole new level.

We feel the effects of negativity, particularly if we are looking to create real change in our lives and in ways that are less familiar to society.

It can be challenging, especially when we first start our business. We will have to deal with perspective, opinions, and different ways of thinking.

Negativity can be a real success blocker if we don’t know how to manage it.

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