Amazing Trick And a Powerful Message for You

You probably know that what we speak is what we create. We talk all the time, but often we pay little attention to the words we speak.

Do you usually reflect on the words you speak? Are they positive or negative? Are they encouraging or disheartening?

I grew up in a negative environment;  as a child, I never heard any positive or uplifting words. On the contrary, Self-defeating, critical or judgemental words were the typical conversations in my home.

It was until I got involved in personal growth, many years later, that I started to understand the value of feeding my mind with positive messages to begin making a shift in my thinking.

It is now a habit of mine to listen to an encouraging message first thing in the morning. And today I happened to find  this very entertaining and powerful message from Andrew Bennett in this TEDx Talks title “The Magic of Words – What we speak is what we create.”

Andrew Bennett is a former corporate executive with a Fortune 100 company who started his career as Ross Perot’s personal assistant. He is a leadership speaker, author and magician.

In this talk, he is sharing one of the greatest secrets, the magic word that has transformational power.  Do you know the magic word?

“Abracadabra,” yes, this is the magic word.  It is an Aramaic word, and it means: “What I speak is what I create.”

“Words are one of our most powerful sources of creative power. Words can ignite a movement. Words can inspire us to rise above adversity. Words can connect our hearts. Words can destroy creativity. Words can take us down a rathole with self-doubt, and words can destroy relationships. We all know how powerful words are.” he said.

I invite you to watch the entire 19 minutes, watch his fantastic trick, listen to how by telling himself positive words he changed his life and how his message will inspire you.


Have you created a daily routine to start your day on a positive frame of mind?

Please share it, we can all benefit from more inspiring thoughts.

Wishing you all the success







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