Are You Passionate About The Life You Are Living?

As surprising as it may sound, it is a fact that many people don’t know what their passion is. Years go by only to discover that life has passed and they haven’t made time to pursue their life purpose. Or possibly, they haven’t figured out what they genuinely desire.

Many of us have been too busy raising the family or working on jobs that we first pursued when we first started work. I am one of those many people who has gone through that experience.

My husband, John, and I met in Mexico, where we got married. He had migrated to Australia from England seven years before I met him. As he had a secured job over there, we decided to start our married life in Australia.  I said goodbye to my family, friends, my secretarial job and my home country.

I have always been passionate about travelling. I lived in England for eight months just before I met John, but Australia was not part of my plans.

Map of AustraliaI arrived in Australia with no family or friends.  I couldn’t speak English fluently. I had no job history or work experience and no credit history. I depended entirely on John. My confidence level went down completely.

When John and I were engaged, we dreamt about a lifestyle of travelling, but instead, we settled, started our family and as money was tight, I had to get a job. Our passion for travelling became only a dream.

The best position I could get, at the time, was a secretarial position. Then I thought I needed to polish my skills to get a better job and, eventually, I took courses in Bookkeeping, but it wasn’t a dream job or a dream career, it was a job that was helping to pay the bills.

As our family grew, I found it stressful to juggle family, housework and my bookkeeping job. The constraints of traditional employment were not the path I wanted to continue.

We often find ourselves resigned to what is. We feel that, for practical reasons, we have to remain as we are. Or, a loved one told us that it is not realistic to work and live with passion.

As we are living and working longer, I believe it is essential that we align with our more profound sense of calling and do what gives us energy and passion.

We are creatures of habit, and it often takes several efforts to break old habits

I have accepted that I am a work in progress, sometimes getting off track of my own advice or carelessly playing old tapes of thoughts and beliefs that don’t assist me well in life.

What about yourself? How often do you challenge your current beliefs? Do you look for inspiration and practical strategies to encourage positive change?

I regularly review the Law of Attraction’s principles and the powers of manifestation to reawaken my awareness and to empower my life.

It is never too late to make changes, to get to the path of true fulfilment and make a living.

But, you may ask, how can I make a living from my passion? What do I most need to know?

The following lines of advice, taken from different books and my mentors have been guiding me, hope they help you just as much:

  • Let experience be your guide. Give your brain a well-needed break.
  • Embrace how you feel and how you want to live.
  • Honour the messages from your intuition and follow your path with heart.
  • Direct your energies positively toward your preferred future.
  • Strengthen your creative thinking skills and ability to identify positive roles you would enjoy
  • Have the courage to follow your dreams and supercharge the confidence needed to make an inspired change
  • Challenge current assumptions and gain greater clarity about your goals and desires
  • Resist the urge to process information in your head.  We learn best by doing.
  • Journal writing is a useful instructional tool and aided learning.
  • Writing helps people organise and describe internal thoughts and thus improve their problem-solving skills.
  • The act of writing deepens your knowledge and understanding.

Have you been postponing what you truly want in life? Have you been waiting for the perfect moment to arrive?

“Believe me; you don’t want to experience that feeling of regret when you don’t acknowledge that life is fleeting and precious. I never want to feel that again! It may be a cliche, but life is sweet. Every day you don’t follow your dream you lose another precious day. Don’t let it slip away. LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH PASSION.” – Pat Parkinson

Hope this article has been of value to you and feel free to share your thoughts or experiences from your journey.

With much appreciation,


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