Are You Ready to Create Transformation in Your Life?

How many of us have set out on a journey to create transformation in our lives, whether it be for our health, business, relationships or personal growth but some reason or another, we don’t bring it to completion?

I am a perfect example of someone who hasn’t followed through. I started two good opportunities in the past. In both of those occasions I began enthusiastically, but after a period, I let them go and went back to my comfort zone.

We go through life re-inventing ourselves time after time, one career after another, one business after another, one relationship after another, one diet after another.

Why, rather than assessing what we can, we remain for years in a disheartening comfort-zone – asking ourselves day after day,  “I wonder if….”

To create a massive transformation, we have to go back to foundations.  We need to understand that to move from where we are to where we want to be; it is going to require a whole new level of understanding, commitment and education.


When I started those business opportunities, I didn’t have a clear understanding of where I was at the time. I didn’t correctly position myself to establish a solid foundation and do the work required for success.

Another thing that was holding me back was the financial thermostat I have been programmed to think about money

I was expecting a different result by doing the same things over and over again. I now realise I have to change the conditioning that I have carried on for years.

If you lay foundations you set yourself not only for success as well as for an enjoyable journey, do you think you will be more likely to stick to it?


In my experience to commit to something, there must be a big WHY.

My big why was when our income started to decrease due to my husband’s health. His condition was such that I became his carer, and then it daunted on me that if something happened to him, I had no financial support backing me up.

It was time to start taking things more seriously, and this desire served me as the anchor to give me the vision and clarity to stick to the journey that I was about to start.

As I had had those business experiences, I knew it was imperative to build strong foundations and prepare properly for my next venture.

The following questions will help you to identify how committed you are in whatever tasks you set yourself to do:

Are you willing to persist?

Are you ready to be disciplined and strategic with your time, energy and resources?

Do you want it badly enough?


Of course, you have heard that we have thousands of thoughts that drive us towards our future. They could be good, bad or indifferent. That is why it is essential to create positive thoughts to create a positive outcome.

For years, I have been practising thoughts of doubt and fear, and I must admit it hasn’t been easy for me to create proactive ideas, but thinking without awareness is the central dilemma of human existence.

Now that I am gaining awareness I will continue until my mind learns to release those negative thoughts that are holding me back.


Have you experienced the feeling of being aligned and seen your world filled with new opportunities? It is a lot of fun, will you agree?

So why, don’t we do it more often? Simply because the past thoroughly conditions our egoic mind.

When we start observing the ego in ourselves, we are beginning to go beyond it.  We don’t take it too seriously, and at times we may even find it amusing.

A good way is to realise that life is giving us whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of our consciousness.

How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience, you are having at this moment.

Words of encouragement


When we engage in a new business adventure, in my case, online marketing, we have this belief that we can create a massive transformation overnight, while some have done it a short period, others require a lot longer. We are all different. 

Many of us sabotage ourselves in our journey, maybe because we are not patient or perhaps because we are not aware enough.

We have to take into account that there is a whole new level of education that is required, commitment and dedication.

There are going to be highs and lows, ups and downs. And it is imperative that we don’t judge our results on anything other than our journey and that we don’t compare ourselves to anyone, this is why clarity around our vision is going to be so important.

Find out exactly what you want to get out of your journey, over the next six weeks, over the next six months, over the next six years.

If there is one thing that is going to support you on your journey is going to be consistency. Don’t say that you are going to do a little bit here a little bit there or leave for a week or two, make a commitment and stick to it.

Every single day could be a new day, a new lesson, a new journey but if you are not enjoying it, it is going to create frustrations.

The journey doesn’t have to be a struggle, we all can enjoy the path, and we can surround ourselves with individuals who are aligned with our vision.

Find a community that will support when the going gets tough.

When you align yourself with what you want, it will bring you closer to your goals. You will see a world filled with new opportunities when you approach life in this way. There’s so much for you to achieve!

Tap into that Inner Being which is the source of great ideas and inspiration which eventually steer you towards the right people, the right opportunities, and exciting adventures.

Let’s no longer be swayed by the voices from society or culture who are telling us what or who we should be.

Let’s enjoy the journey together, keep that mind open, commit to it, and go for your dreams.

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I believe you’re ready for something amazing in your life, make it happen.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please share them in the comments below.

With much appreciation


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