Are You Tired Of The Same Routine?

Routine is part of your everyday life.  The best routine is the one that you do on a daily basis to follow your passions and dreams. You feel excited and happy. The other habit is self-defeating, you cling to it and find it hard to overcome it. Which is the one you are experiencing now?

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote resonated with me because from a very young age I began to move towards a more exciting life and this is how everything started….

I was fortunate to have a loving family. My parents spent most of their lives working long hours just to pay the bills. The weekends remained dedicated to doing errands ready for the following week. We rarely went out as a family. In fact,  my parents preferred to stay at home to relax of the long hours of work.

On the other hand, my dad’s brother enjoyed travelling with my auntie.  They always managed to go somewhere during the weekends.  They would come to our home to ask my parents if I could join them so that I could keep company to their daughter who was six years younger than I. That is when my curiosity for change and travel started.

One of their favourite spots was to climb the Popocatepetl whose name is the Aztec word for Smoking Mountain. Popocatepetl is currently a very active volcano with forested slopes and a large crater. It is the second highest peak in Mexico.

Back in the 1960’s, it was a pleasure to climb the mountain when the volcano was still considered dormant. My cousins belonged to the climbing community, and they always supervised us.

I was certainly enjoying those experiences, and they made me realised that there had to be something more. Life is supposed to be fun, and I was having fun during my teenage years exploring Mexico with my family.

In my early 20’s,  a friend who returned from England and Germany inspired me to explore other countries and cultures. Her enthusiasm was so contagious that I started to make enquiries.

To finance my trip, I studied a short career, saved money, and within a year I was accepted to live with an English family in London for a year.

Shortly after my return from England. I met my English husband in Mexico. We got married, had three sons, but that didn’t stop us from moving from country to country. That was the beginning of our nomadic lifestyle.

We often hear that to live a fulfilled life we need to do something we love and turn it into a career. A career that makes us happy and leaves us feeling that we are making a difference, that we are doing something meaningful.

A fulfilled life is different to someone else from different countries or cultures. Everyone has a different view.

Many people are too busy to think about what a meaningful life means to them.  For us, travel gives us that zest and enthusiasm. But whatever your passion is, travelling, writing a book, learning new skills, exercising, or anything, it is essential to make time to enjoy it and live your life to the fullest.

What does a fulfilled life mean to you? Have you ever thought about that question? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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