Do You Want to Take Your Quality of Life to a Whole New Level?

Beautiful Home in countryside

If you are determined to enhance your quality of life to a whole new level, would you agree it is crucial you choose something you are going to embrace and love?

Every time I began something I was not enthusiastic about, I found it a lot more challenging and a lot more stressful.

I remember seeking the next job, career or business opportunity only to find out that I was enthusiastic to start, but then I realised that quality of life is not about being enthusiastic for a short time, quality of life is about being enthusiastic at all times.

Have you ever felt that when your passion and your mission are aligned, you wake up in the morning feeling a lot happier and joyful? Continue reading “Do You Want to Take Your Quality of Life to a Whole New Level?”

Why is Personal Branding Important?

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One of my readers kindly asked me to elaborate more on this topic which I am happy to do as it has also encouraged me to get deeper into such an important point.

In my previous blog How are the Basic Steps to Improve Your Personal Brand, I talked about the importance of personal branding and some necessary actions to strengthen it.

In this article, I have gone into more detail in the hope that it gives a better explanation to cultivate and represent who we indeed are.

What exactly is Personal Branding? Continue reading “Why is Personal Branding Important?”

What Do You Need to Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

After discouraging attempts at becoming an entrepreneur in the past, I’ve come to realise that without a Big Why and an Absolute Belief and Certainty that success is a reality, everything else is irrelevant.

I believe that most people would love to free themselves from the constraints of traditional employment and many, like me, have started a business in the hope that we finally find independence and flexibility. Continue reading “What Do You Need to Become a Successful Entrepreneur?”

Why does Australia celebrate Father’s Day in September?

Father's Day in Australia

Did you know Australia celebrates Father’s day in September? It is on the First Sunday of September rather than celebrating it on the third Sunday of June like many countries, among them the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, India, China, Japan, the Philippines and South Africa.

But like Australia, other countries such as New Zealand, Fiji and  Papua New Guinea also celebrate Father’s day in September. Continue reading “Why does Australia celebrate Father’s Day in September?”

A True Story of Manifestation

When Dreams Manifest

 How do you determine what you want to manifest? Is it possible to reveal anything you like once it is created in your mind?   Are you aware that when you are working on manifesting your dreams, obstacles and challenges will arise? 

My story began when I was young; I didn’t know anything about the Law of Attraction. But I distinctly remember that from a very young age I wanted to explore different cultures, in particular, England. In Mexico, where I was born, we have a great appreciation for the British people,  their customs, traditions plus we are fond of their accent. Continue reading “A True Story of Manifestation”