Believing in Yourself and Taking Responsibility

The top regret that most of us have is not having the courage to live the life we are destined to live. Deep inside we know we have a purpose, we know there is something higher than us, but most of us don’t allow ourselves that freedom.

We seem to live the life that we inwardly feel we should live. The calling is there but the idea that we can’t do them or we shouldn’t keep dominating our lives.


Our intuition guides us, it is always telling us to get rid of fears and to choose our magnificence by taking charge of our own life if we want to make a difference in our quality of life.

To move forward, all we need is to believe in ourselves and take responsibility for all the choices we have made up until now.


What is your driving force? What are you prepared to do to release whatever is stopping you and focus only on your uniqueness and your greatness?

This year I have decided to stop making excuses and take the leap of faith in pursuing my dreams of becoming self-sufficient. I have been spending months finding a sense of peace, purpose and working on my belief system.

For months I have been stuck, but to help me get through I keep reading books, listening to a lot of personal development mentors and intellectually I understand all the principles, but fear and limitations still paralysed me.

I kept blaming my circumstances in life when in reality my circumstances had very little to do with my fulfilment in life. It has taken me a while to understand that everything that comes my way is an opportunity.

Whatever I was choosing to think about those circumstances I could change and make them into positive outcomes, but it has been taking me a lot of practice to visualise I can succeed at whatever I want to achieve.

For so many years I was focusing on what it was missing in my life. I often thought that there was something that needed to happen in my life before I could be happy and I was resenting that it hadn’t happened yet.

Thanks to the numerous books I have been reading, mainly through books of Esther and Jerry Hicks, the Teachings of Abraham, I have been practising to put my attention to only on what I want to create.


Be very careful about the direction of our thoughts. Think of what you want. The Law of Attraction will bring the evidence of it to yu, until you will believe it.

Once you start elevating your thoughts the habit of how you think becomes more harmonised, and it becomes your natural way. As we begin to shift the way you think and have an anticipation that whatever we desire will work out for you, you will only act upon these higher thoughts.

As you start acting upon that thought you will start to see how it is all working in a perfect way.

We need to make peace with the present moment and to see ourselves as love and only having love to give away.


To be able to achieve our goals and dreams, our first step is to release the fear, make peace with where we are, believe in ourselves, take responsibility of our thoughts, feelings and words and then be ready to take massive action.

The rewards in getting into alignment are phenomenal. You will discover that the Universe is guiding you and supporting you. All we have to do is believe in ourselves, believe that success is possible for us and take action on that belief.

In the book Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditations by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham talks about that once the resistance subsides and you come into full alignment, all confusion is replaced with clarity, and uncertainty is replaced with knowing.

And when that occurs within you, all manner of evidence will confirm it:

  • Good-feeling ideas will flow abundantly to you.
  • Things that you have been wondering about will come into greater clarity.
  • Things that you have been meaning to do will present themselves to you in an obvious and easy-to-accomplish manner.
  • Problems that have seemed stubborn will seem to resolve themselves without your personal involvement.
  • And money and opportunities will begin to show up in your experience in surprising and unexpected ways.

Wouldn’t you like to experience all these in your life? Every time I read these lines I get very motivated to keep going.

It’s your turn to experience these breakthroughs. I want to encourage you to keep going strongly and to never give up.

If you are like me, you have put your passions to the side for too long, or perhaps you have yet to find them, don’t give up, keep going, break through to Success and align with your personal and professional life.

Keep listening to your intuition, be more positive and mindful each day, and have the power to ask for what you want, making you unstoppable in any situation. Believe in yourself.


Self-doubt will come back, just get good at dealing with it on a daily basis.

Whenever you want to strive to do something significant with your life and try to get out of your comfort zone, your ego will greet you every time.

But remember, it is helping you to expand, allow it, release, breathe and let go.

Trust that everything is unfolding for a reason, step back and allow the Universe to lead the way.


  • Be specific enough in your intention that brings forth positive emotion
  • Control the way you feel
  • Take pleasure from your positive thoughts
  • Give yourself a break and someone else too.

Thank you for reading this article about believing in yourself and taking responsibility. Remember to expect good things to happen and move towards your goals so that you will find yourself living a happy and prosperous life.

Don’t forget that we are in this together. If you ever want to reach out and share your thought, please do so in the comments below?

With much appreciation,


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