The 5 Most Common Meditation Myths by Light Watkins

Five Most Common Meditation Myths

Imagine sitting down comfortably in your favourite chair, and now you are ready to start your meditation. What happens next? If you are like me, you find yourself listening to the incessant chatter in our head. But, I still do it every single day because I know the benefits it provides.

When I listened to Light Watkins’ TEDx Talk, it helped me understand the process a lot better. And I hope that it is of value to you too. Continue reading “The 5 Most Common Meditation Myths by Light Watkins”

What You Eat Affects Your Physical and Mental Health

Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,”

When I was a child, my grandmother often took me searching for wild mushrooms to add to home-cooking. I truly enjoyed hunting through the local woodland on the outlook for those delicacies.  But what I always admired about her, was her ability to differentiate the safe ones from the most poisonous mushrooms. Continue reading “What You Eat Affects Your Physical and Mental Health”

5 Practical Ways When Travelling Abroad

5 Practical Ways When Travelling Abroad

Not many people follow their dreams and ambitions when it comes to travel as travel and Finances are complementary topics.  But refocusing on their life’s aspirations, goals and managing their finances efficiently will enable them to perfect the travelling lifestyle.

We have been travelling since the very first year we got married, 39 years ago, living in 4 different countries; Mexico, the US, Australia and England. Continue reading “5 Practical Ways When Travelling Abroad”

Are You Interested Or Are You Committed? – John Assaraf

Are you Interested or Are you Committed?

How to remain committed to a goal or anything while dealing with everything else in life?  We are so used to having on-demand what we want, that we forget the importance of persistence, so how do we get there?

A year ago I committed to learning the necessary skills to become self-sufficient to enjoy a better quality of life. But I must admit that life has gotten in the way, wavering my commitment at times. However, I have been staying accountable to myself, and I am not letting any more excuses or reasons to stop me. Especially after listening to this powerful message from John; it is powerful! Continue reading “Are You Interested Or Are You Committed? – John Assaraf”

People Don’t Resist Change. They Resist Being Changed

People don't resist change. They resist being changed

I have been reading lots of books on personal growth, attending self-help courses, listening to different mentors in the field but I am still resisting that change, while there are other people who don’t even read those books seem to attract excellent health, wealth, the love of their lives, and a great lifestyle, what are they doing differently? Continue reading “People Don’t Resist Change. They Resist Being Changed”