Waiting For Something To Change Your Life?

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For over 10 years, I have been reading life-changing books, particularly those from Abraham-Hicks and Eckhart Tolle, except that for all those years, the transformation of my life didn’t happen until a situation affected my life, and I am going to share it with you right now.


I grew up in the 60s when women accepted the set of societal rules. Getting married, having children, being a good housewife, and expecting the husband to support us for the rest of our life was the norm. I followed that pattern.

The thing is that as I got more and more involved in those spiritual teachings; I realised that I was living an unfulfilled life, but as I was very much in my comfort zone; I did nothing to change my circumstances – until my world changed when my husband’s health deteriorated; He stopped working, and I came to realise that we had no financial security to back us up for our retirement years.


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What are the Essential Digital Skills to Secure Your Future?

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With the growing popularity of the digital world, the need to acquire digital knowledge and skills are essential to reach our full potential.

It’s fair to say that ‘digital skills’ is a very broad term that covers a wide range of knowledge and competencies.

Everybody’s definition will be different, however, digital skills are becoming near-universal requirements for jobs, business, and everyday life.

The effect of digital technologies is more dominant and is influencing our human behaviour, regardless of country or culture.

The digital world is changing our leadership roles as parents raising children, in schools, business and life in general.

Technology is providing enormous value, enabling us to connect, collaborate and expand our minds – refining awareness about important matters, bringing people together for a common purpose and accomplishing new advancements.

As a result, digital adaptation is crucial and we need to acquire the skills and proficiency we need.


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What Exactly is the Principal Job of an Affiliate Marketer?

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When we start a new business, we go through this process of dreaming again, of thinking about how our lives would be like with our new profitable Affiliate business.

Running a lifestyle business from our laptop, providing time and financial freedom to create a life and business that we genuinely want, sounds appealing to many of us.

In fact, more and more people realise that they need to re-skill for today’s digital world, whether they like it or not.

Affiliate Marketing is a channel that allows starting promoting products that you like while learning new skills and eventually transition smoothly to become an online business entrepreneur.

Affiliate Marketers have the potential to earn substantial commissions, and they can create multiple streams of income.

But it is not for everybody, first of all, it requires investment, not only money but in time, education and effort. It involves mastery, like any other skill.

But What Exactly is the Principal Job of an Affiliate Marketer?

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How much money should you allocate for leisurely expenses?

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When creating a healthy financial blueprint, it is essential to consider putting some time and money aside each month for leisure and fun. It can do wonders for your money morale.

Money to enjoy keeps you sane as you continue working on your money goals.

I came from a family who was very cautious with money and that pattern continued in my married life. My husband prefers to live frugally rather than enjoying comfort, but after years of choosing to do without, I decided it was time to have some pleasures in life.

As I am his carer and in charge of all the money management at home, I wanted to act responsibly with our money, so I decided to attend a money management course.

So What Is The Most You Should Be Spending On Leisure Activities?

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What Lifestyle Would You Like to Create as a Senior Entrepreneur?

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Has the idea of becoming a senior entrepreneur and improving your quality of life has been in your mind?

Have the thought of building a freedom lifestyle business sounds intriguing to you?

You probably have heard that a lifestyle business can provide you freedom, financial independence, and total control of your life, but it is a foreign concept to most.

When I was at school the focus was to get good grades, go to college and get a good job.

If anyone talked about getting into a conventional business it implied a massive risk.

Thanks to the internet, people with entrepreneurial aspirations can start and run a lifestyle business worldwide, and it very well applies to seniors as well.

I am a full-time carer for my husband and have a son with multiple sclerosis, so I was looking for an opportunity to allow me to work from home and gave me a head start and unlimited income potential.

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