What does the Day of the Dead celebrations really represent to Mexicans?

Two colourful skulls that say Feliz Dia de Muertos

In Mexico, each town, each region, has its traditions, its uses and customs. Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a time of celebration.

During the festival, families and communities gather to honour those who passed on and embarked on their spiritual paths.

On November 1, called All Saints Day, is when the children’s spirits arrive. On November 2, the Day of the Dead, the adults arrive.

The Origin of the Day of the Dead

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Powerful Reasons To Consider A Lifestyle Business After Retirement

A lady smiling and holding hands

After decades in the workforce, retirees, finally, gain control over how to spend their time. The range of hobbies, activities and opportunities open to them in retirement are highly extensive. They might consider using their work experience and start a new opportunity, but would a lifestyle business be what they truly want?

I always like the idea of having my own business, the problem was, I had no idea what kind of business was the best option for me.

Back in the 1980s, my husband and I went through the traditional route. John, my husband, had extensive knowledge in the plastics industry and since we wanted to own a business, we started one in manufacturing. It was his dream business and we went ahead with it.

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26th January a Controversial Australia’s National Day

Australian Flag over Swan River

Every year, on the 26 January Australia Day is a national public holiday, where thousands of families and friends gathered to bring the country together. It reflects the nation’s diversity of people in Australia’s history.

Australia’s major cities come together as a nation, and the City of Perth is one of those cities. I am fortunate to live close to the celebration zone at the Sir James Mitchell Park on the beautiful South Perth foreshore.

Families, youth and seniors from a wide range of demographics come from all over the city to the celebration zone to enjoy the free activities, rides, cultural group performances and entertainment for all ages. It is a smoke and alcohol-free with plenty of food to enjoy.

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Do You Feel Uneasy Artificial Intelligence Replace Jobs?

Astronauts present and future

Do you get concerned or enthusiastic about the advance in robotics and artificial intelligence?  Do you feel uneasy about the replacement of entire jobs currently done by humans? 

Even though people expect various positive outcomes from these developments, their attitudes more frequently reflect the consequences these technologies might have for society at large.

In the coming decades, advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will reshape the way we live and work as it has the potential to automate a wide range of human activities.  Today’s career paths, and for future generations, will be forever changed as a result of the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) Continue reading “Do You Feel Uneasy Artificial Intelligence Replace Jobs?”

A True Story of Manifestation

When Dreams Manifest

 How do you determine what you want to manifest? Is it possible to reveal anything you want once you have created it in your mind?   Are you aware that when you are working on manifesting your dreams, obstacles and challenges will arise? 

My story began when I was young; I didn’t know anything about the Law of Attraction. But I distinctly remember that from a very young age I wanted to explore different cultures, in particular, England.

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