Do You Have Doubts As You Start Your New Business?

Many of us believe that successful, assertive people never have any doubts – that they are confident about every choice they make, but even the most talented entrepreneurs experience self-doubt at some point

After the initial excitement, many of us start to have doubts, worries, and concerns about whether we could do what we need to do to get results, not only in our business but in our life.

In my case, I knew I had an excellent course, mentors and training available, but I wasn’t clear in terms of what actions steps to take.

I realise that one of the things that hold people out, more than anything else when starting a business are our limiting beliefs.

Are These Questions Getting in the Way of Your Business Success?

  • What if I am not going to be good enough?
  • What if I don’t have enough value right now to warrant being successful in my business?
  • What if I can’t compete with people who have been doing it for so long with huge followers and fans?
  • What if I can’t produce amazing results?
  • How am I going to get the vast experience others already have?

We are not alone. It is reasonable to have these concerns. But be aware, acknowledge it, embrace it and follow your dreams.

What is important to remember is that the results we get into our business are going to be in direct proportion to the amount of value that we offer to other people.

It doesn’t matter what niche or product we go into; ultimately, we as business owners are going to be responsible for being valuable in the market place.

The Value is in the Journey

If you are someone who is committed to the path you are looking to pursue, you are automatically going to provide value to other people.

Our income is a by-product of the value we provide to our market.

Once we learn how to leverage the things we are passionate, and resonates with others, we will build stronger relationships with those who trust us.

Being passionate about the path we are looking to pursue is the key.

Years ago, my husband and I started a couple of businesses, but our only aim was to make money. We started in the areas that we knew, but our hearts were not in those businesses.

What I learned from those experiences was that we weren’t committed. Therefore, we failed and returned to our traditional jobs.

As we are approaching retirement, I feel that this is the time to start enjoying the benefits of retirement and find a good balance between my caregiving full-time job and enjoying a good quality of life at the same time.

I wanted to find something that provided value to me and to the many senior entrepreneurs who are looking for a lifestyle business.

I wanted to figure out a way to support myself and my family without depending on my husband, government help, or by getting a traditional job.

Since I love the idea of the flexibility of time, financial freedom and working with quality people who have a passion for life, I found that an online business could give me that flexibility.

I started my research. I did extensive research on quite a few websites and online programs.

I found SFM, a well-established educational organisation that has a great community of spiritually-minded people. 

Where to Start?

I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do. That is the first step.

I knew I wanted to provide value to senior entrepreneurs who were looking for online education so that they could improve their quality of life and achieve their financial and personal goals. This is where I could see myself most committed.

What about yourself? What is your passion?

My next step was to join the SFM membership and get involved in their online education to make sure it was a serious company and one that I could recommend to others.

I also made sure that it offered an Affiliate Marketing program so that I could align myself with the products and services the company was offering, and very importantly, that it could potentially be of value to others as much as for me.

Since I was looking to promote their services and products, first, I needed to invest in myself.

For me, it is important to get into something I have strong belief in.

When we find something that we enjoy, we are eager to learn it, and we get into it with enthusiasm, and by doing that, we can also share our findings with others and providing them value.

A lady sitting on a bench admiring the White Cliffs of Dover, England

The Journey As A New Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I was seeking flexibility, financial freedom, creativity, and I also wanted to put to use my talents and qualities.

I found that a lifestyle business provides a better life for my family and me, so I committed to it, and it became my dream. And I want to share this enthusiasm with other senior entrepreneurs.

I am learning that to gain their trust; I have to become vulnerable about my journey, be truthful, be transparent about what it takes, the money I have to invest, the time, energy, effort, and yes, the sacrifices I have to make.

The corporate world is so different; everyone has to be very careful and formal. People tend to think that the intention is all about making profits, not so caring or compassionate.

There is a difference in the online world; people want to deal with people who are more open, trustworthy and transparent; they want to mix with real people who like and trust.

The main message is that we have to be ourselves because others want to know the real us behind whatever we do.

We are here to learn to create more value to others and the first step is to commit to the journey, to move forward, by investing in yourself, learning expertise, skills sets, as long as we do the work.

There are plenty of opportunities, no matter the niche or industry we focus on.

Action Steps

  • Write down a list of your hobbies, interests, and passions as possibilities for the value you could bring to a market.
  • Surround yourself with the right people.
  • Commit to the journey
  • Get ready to do the work!

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your doubts and concerns dictate how you lead your business and your personal life.

You are capable of anything you want, so move forward and grow, personally and professionally.

Challenge yourself and achieve greatness.

I hope you enjoy this article and please share your thoughts, and if you have some additional comments that give value to others, please write them down in the comments below.

To Your Success


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