How To Keep Moving Forward And Confidently As An Online Entrepreneur?

There is the fact that most successful entrepreneurs experience feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt when starting a new business venture, but what makes them successful is that they never allow those feelings to slow them down.

Your desire to prosper and the courage to carry on with your dream will give you the energy to keep moving forward.

When I first started I expected a miracle growth overnight in my online business, and I faced discouragement in the early stages of my business. But there a few things I learned and I would like to share them with you.

It takes a strong foundation and time to build momentum. I had to set realistic expectations and had to go through investing in training, coaching, and personal growth.

How To Keep Moving Forward And Confidently As An Online Entrepreneur?

More than likely, you will go through a series of emotions, they are like a roller coaster, but once you are aware of them, everything seemed to take a whole new meaning.

Here are some of the emotions we all go through in the early stages of online or any kind of business:

EXCITEMENT – Finally, we are now a business owner and entrepreneur. We could now directly benefit from our commitment and ability. There will be challenges that will only assist us in the realisation of our dreams.

OVERWHELMED – “So much to learn, so little time.” There are new skills, we learn them through building the business, along with the help of a mentor guiding us through the learning process.

EAGER – We want to get started and want the results yesterday, this is a great feeling to have, but understand that it’s important to set up your business correctly and have a proper foundation. Be prudent in your action steps.

APPREHENSION – We want to be successful, but because our business is new, we are not sure whether we are doing all the necessary things correctly in the initial stages of our venture.

We even doubt if we are in the right business, if it is the right one for us. But, now we have committed, we have to jump in with both feet.

We must continue doing the work, stick close to our mentors and trust that our apprehension will subside and turn into confidence. Online business is not complicated – it just requires preparation and dedication on our part.

ENTHUSIASM is an invaluable source of energy and motivation that comes from within. It is the catalyst for activity, which creates momentum that leads to more excitement. It is contagious and creates a positive environment for our business.

Be proud of yourself for choosing to be your own boss – be confident in your abilities, and you will find yourself successful. Wise words from my mentors.

FRUSTRATION – it is a natural occurrence when building any business. As your business grows, your confidence will eradicate these frustrations. It’s important to feel comfortable asking for their help during this initial stage. There is no such thing as a dumb question.

  • For many of us, building an online business is our first business venture.
  • This type of industry is new to a lot of us.
  • We don’t have experience in advertising or marketing.
  • Our family and friends think we are crazy.

All of these things are insignificant in regards to our success in this business. Anyone can get frustrated and overwhelmed, but it takes courage and motivation to remain focused regardless of how we are feeling.

A drawing of a personal going up stairs and in each step is says: learning, training, instruction, practice

“To Do a Common Thing, Uncommonly well, Brings Success.” – Henry John Heinz

Two years ago, I decided to start my online business. I knew I needed to start doing something to support myself and my family.

My circumstances changed; my husband had to go through a total hip replacement operation, he also had other health issues, he quit his job, our income reduced, and I became his full-time carer.

And even though I was fearful, I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue a career in online marketing.

Mentally, I was struggling and questioning myself constantly, feeling insecure and trying to cope with my new circumstances. The dream I wanted to fulfil was going nowhere.

On many occasions, my defeated way of thinking wanted me to go back to my old way of life where I was sitting victim and being defined by my circumstances.

Only this time, I refused to revert into my old habits where I was powerless and frozen by fear. I decided to create my own life, regardless of the cost.

I knew the solution was inside me, hiding somewhere in my subconscious mind. I decided to create my circumstances the way I wanted them to be.

I didn’t allow the fear to continue taking charge of me. It was clear to me that the only person I could trust or needed was myself. Somewhere along the journey, we forget.

It became clear to me that if I persisted, eventually this feeling of calm knowing that I could do it would help me to keep on going.

Somehow, we all know inside that the secret to a happy and fulfilled life as an entrepreneur is nothing more than this: giving more than you take.

Reflect On How to Answer These Questions:

  • What are you giving?
  • Who are you going to help get closer to their dreams today?
  • Who are you going to challenge to become a more aligned person?
  • Who are you going to inspire?

I took some time to answer these questions because they helped me focus on others and challenge me to become a more selfless person.

A lady holding a mobile phone and the screen says Life Goals in the back ground there is a plant and a cup of coffee

The Internet Entrepreneur Must Sift Through Hype to Find a Real Opportunity

More and more people are realising that the internet is a magnificent tool, not a magic wand.

A committed entrepreneur, who is willing to launch an online business – and wants to generate a substantial income – can do so with the Internet. Those who are seeking a quick fix to solve their financial problems are not interested in giving value to others.

The principles of successful businesses have remained unchanged since the invention of modern commerce:

  • Create or offer a great product or service.
  • Identify your market.
  • Get your message in front of your consumer base.
  • Deliver exceptional value.
  • Build rapport and trust with your audience.
  • Get rewarded financially.

Naturally, this all takes time and effort — lots and lots of it. Running any legitimate business requires operational expertise, a financial investment, and commitment to make it work.

Fundamental Differences That Make Internet Business Appeal to the Entrepreneur:

  • No need for a storefront or an office space reduces the capital investment tenfold compared with that of a brick-and-mortar enterprise.
  • Commuting costs and other workplace overhead expenses are completely eliminated.
  • No occupancy costs, so payroll is dramatically reduced.
  • Internet businesses are by definition promoted on the Internet; there are exponential efficiencies in advertising expenses because you have no printing costs, and you’re not buying media or postage.
  • Because of the vast reach of the internet marketplace worldwide, it is easier for successful entrepreneurs to share their wisdom.

Sifting through the clutter of Internet scams and rip-offs, it is still possible to find proven and tested systems to make an informed decision and help you achieve your goals. Finding the right system is crucial to be successful in business.

I did my due diligence, and I found a mentor who systemised his business model for me to duplicate; this was ideal because their the system that guides me step by step.

What I realised is that systems are more important than information.

I found a ton of information when it came to do anything online due to the Information Age.

With all this information, I got more confused and overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure what was a quality information and it wasn’t.

Having an online system gives you the step by step process and the belief that you can do it.

However, if you want to be successful in business and in life, you have to commit and you have to follow through.

If you are looking to improve your quality of life and gain financial independence with an online system, you can achieve it by learning some concepts that help you lay the foundations for online success.

These foundations will enable to confidently move forward to start progressing with selling online. You can start with:

  • Affiliate products and earn commissions from other people’s products.
  • If you have existing products or services you can start right away.
  • If you have physical products or create an Amazon style business where you are selling products to ecommerce you can apply to that.

As you are doing that you will be able to map out the lifestyle you want to create.

  • Do you want to travel around the world?
  • Is the laptop business something you would like to do?
  • Do you enjoy interacting with people and serve your local market?
  • Do you enjoy creating your own brand and your own products?

If you are ready to create a quality lifestyle and want more valuable information on how the system works, please click here.

By applying some of the simple exercises and insights into your life you will certainly notice a growth in yourself and improve the quality of your life.

You know there is something out there that can improve the quality of your life, take 1/2 hour of your time to see if this online business model is for you.

If you decide to be part of this journey, it will be a pleasure to support you in your journey.

Please reach out if you have any questions or doubts, we are here to help.

To Your Success,


P.S. “Luck is When Opportunity Meets Preparation” – Robert Evans 

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