How To Overcome Your Doubts To Honour Your Commitments

“Just remember to never doubt yourself, we are all capable of amazing things.” Rob Cristophe

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • What if I don’t measure up?
  • What if I fail again?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?

At some point, we experience some form of doubt in ourselves, but it serves no purpose at all.

Self-doubt has been my companion for many years. Every time I have moved away from my comfort zone, doubts have been right beside me.

When I travelled from Mexico to England to learn English, I was full of high hopes and expectations. It was not easy at the beginning, I could hardly understand anyone, and it was a challenge to express myself in a foreign language.

I attended English classes to improve my English Skills, but I often had doubts if I could ever cope with communicating effectively and living in a completely different country.

Do you often keep your commitments to yourself and others?

Before leaving Mexico, I committed to myself and everyone that I would stay in England until I finish my course. But doubt and fear often sneaked into my plans.

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, should that be starting a new path in your life, like I did, starting a new career or business; self-doubt will try to stop you from doing what want to do or from taking the actions to move ahead.

I learned that it is okay to have a healthy amount of doubt; it allows us to check in with ourselves. But we have to be careful that it doesn’t overshadow our best intentions.

Being able to maintain a belief in yourself and in your ability to accomplish your desires is a way to keep your commitments to yourself and others.

“Am I going to move forward today, regardless of my doubts, or not?

Everyday, we all get to make a decision. We’ve got choices.

If we lack self-belief, we feel we cannot achieve things. On the other hand, Self-belief provides a vital sense of achievement and self-worth.

If doubt is there, acknowledge it! It is proof that you are pursuing something worthwhile. It lets you know you are moving on. You dare to try new things and create new paths.

What matters most is that we keep moving towards our goals, and go through our doubts, right through the little noise inside us telling us the number of reasons why it won’t work, but we go on anyways.

One Thing I Could Tell You:

Doubt is a powerful tool that tells you are doing something outside your comfort zone – you are making progress.

I remember when my husband and I started our first business. We failed after only two years. Doubts and fears took over, and we gave up.

At that time, we decided to never embarrass ourselves like that again. We both went back to traditional jobs.

But I wasn’t happy, I knew there was much more and I also learned that it is okay to make mistakes and embarrass ourselves every now and them.

Doubts will be there, but my desire not to feel like that again is bigger than my doubts.

When I stop to think about it, I have often changed my mind, especially on the goals and commitments I made to myself.

My focus, my direction changed based on how I was feeling at that moment.

Believe in Yourself written on a blackboard and a lady reading it

Your Thoughts Are Powerful, Take Control of Your Own Experience

Yes, there is always that negative inner voice consistently telling us that we are inadequate, not smart enough, not enough, but we can always control our thoughts in spite of them.

There are a couple of reasons why we want to follow our commitments or decisions:

  • We want to experience the opportunity we have in our hands, and more importantly,
  • The possibility and responsibility to serve others with our gifts, whatever they are.

Where would your business and your life be right now if you had not followed through on the last three major decisions or commitments you made for yourself? 

When we actually commit and we say it out there to the Universe, we feel much greater accountability towards making it happen.

Get Good At Keeping Those Self Promises

My husband didn’t want to try any more business after failing in our first venture, but I had a couple opportunities which I took at the time.

On those occasions I learned that to get good at as an entrepreneur, I had to keep those self promises, but I didn’t. I failed again.

Two years ago, I decided to start my online business; only this time, I am keeping those self promises and follow the commitments I made to myself.

What about yourself? Do you remember the last three commitments you made to yourself in your head? Are you following through?

In short, it’s very important to keep your commitments to you because it means you’re in integrity with yourself. This is a major source of personal power. This is where your POWER as an entrepreneur comes from.

Honour Yourself

The only way you can honour commitments to others is when you honour them yourself.

At the beginning of the year, we all make resolutions. It is July already, how has the first half of the year been for you? Have you been following through those resolutions?

If you have, congratulations, if not, it is never too late to start. Keep those commitments that genuinel mean something to you.

It even helps to look in the mirror and tell yourself about your commitments. I know this sounds silly, but it works for me. Just verbalise them to yourself and others. 

It is powerful! You will empower yourself by keeping your word to yourself, your family, friends, and business partners – all in that order.

Honour Your Commitments

You will feel empowered when you honour your commitments. Push yourself and be bold. You will perform at a higher level, and they will give us the most power to change our perspective and lives for the better.

I also make sure I don’t commit to something I won’t follow through just to please others.

The commitments I make to myself are the ones that are aligned with my core values

Honour Others

Lastly, unless you keep your word to yourself, you cannot serve others.

Surrounding ourselves with a great team, with like minded people, with people who have similar values to you, has helped me to get stronger.

Find your team, or someone who will be by your side through challenging times.

If you are interested in building an online business and desire to start on a journey with an incredible community of entrepreneurs that has the potential to help you become successful in so many ways, check how Stu and Jay’s vision can help you achieve that.

Commit to yourself and to others. Once you do that, you will go through those uncertain time with ease.

Doubts will reveal themselves, be aware of them. As time goes by, you will discover that your commitments set your priority, and your priority determines your actions.

Who we are and where we want to go determine what we do and what we accomplish.

“Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.” Heidi Reeder

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. As always, I would love to hear how you go through some the challenges and how you overcome them.

To Your Success,


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