People Don’t Resist Change. They Resist Being Changed

I have been reading lots of books on personal growth, attending self-help courses, listening to different mentors in the field but I am still resisting that change, while there are other people who don’t even read those books seem to attract excellent health, wealth, the love of their lives, and a great lifestyle, what are they doing differently?

The difference is that the vibrational energy frequency is in harmony with their desires and thoughts. So how can I apply that in my life?

Abraham-Hick and other great mentors say that the vibrational frequency has to match, in other words, our thoughts and beliefs need to be in harmony, if they are not, the Law of Attraction won’t let it happen.

The Law of Attraction states that your thoughts and beliefs system send specific vibrations. In return, the Universe responds by giving precisely the set of experiences which directly validate your thoughts and beliefs.

So if we don’t like what we are getting, we need to learn the Art of Allowing. Mastering the art of allowing is creating an open space so that we can receive the manifestations that we want.

We can achieve that by embracing the frequency that is needed to attract it to us. We have been unconsciously blocking that frequency in the past.

People who understand the art of allowing are vibrating the energy that is going to attract what they are asking for into their lives.

If we think back, everything that we have lived has been an influence in our lives. From our geographical location, our generation, our culture, religion, our family of origin, etc. All of these contribute to what we think and believe.

Those messages are hard to ignore because they disguise themselves as your thoughts, ideas, and wishes. It’s hard to know what your needs are and who you want to be when you’ve spent so much of your life listening to the voices of others that inhabit your mind.

The beliefs that we form in our childhood and early teens form our core beliefs. They influence our personality, but it does not mean that we cannot change them.

So how do we change our beliefs so that they match what we want to manifest?

The first step is to become conscious of the beliefs that are shaping your personality. Identify those beliefs and understand why you formed them.

Once you identify those beliefs that you want to change, a conscious effort has to be made not to let those old habits take control of our behaviour.

Easier said than done, that is why it has been taking me so long.  The work is to take control of our thoughts, and once we do that, we start gaining real power.

It is quite a process because we are creatures of habits. It is not easy to incorporate new changes into our routines, no matter how beneficial they are for us. We usually do the things that make us feel good, secure and comfortable.

I have been experiencing how challenging it has been. I am committed to making changes in my life, significant changes.  And then, all kind of obstacles and ‘reasons’ to stop my commitment have appeared in different forms.

In the past, I gave up and went back to my comfort zone, but not this time.  After reading so many books, attending workshops and listening to great teachers, I have now learned that it is all part of the process.

Hope you also are aware of this process because the future is a lot brighter.

What has your journey been in personal development?  When did you have your ‘aha’ moment? How did it happen?

Wishing you much success


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