Powerful Reasons To Consider A Lifestyle Business After Retirement

After decades in the workforce, retirees, finally, gain control over how to spend their time. The range of hobbies, activities and opportunities open to them in retirement are highly extensive. They might consider using their work experience and start a new opportunity, but would a lifestyle business be what they truly want?

I always like the idea of having my own business, the problem was, I had no idea what kind of business was the best option for me.

Back in the 1980s, my husband and I went through the traditional route. John, my husband, had extensive knowledge in the plastics industry and since we wanted to own a business, we started one in manufacturing. It was his dream business and we went ahead with it.

The idea wasn’t the best at the time. We worked on the business for three years but with three small children, working 80 hours a week, customers not paying on time, lack of capital, employees issues, and lack of persistence, we decided to close it down.

We went back back to work for someone else, and the dreams we had of owning a business became a dream. However, the desire to stop working for someone else was stronger.

One day I heard an ad from a lady who was talking about a lifestyle business; no boss, no employees, freedom to do the things we genuinely want to do, and more importantly, creating the life you envision, and earn an income in the process.

I decided to give it a go, and after almost two years, I am convinced that for the majority of people with entrepreneurial aspirations, a lifestyle business is something to consider. Here are a few reasons why:

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The lifestyle entrepreneur is a foundation to pursue your passions and dreams. It is for those who want to grow and thrive on independence and creativity. These people don’t see this business as work but a step to enhance their lives. They are reaching their personal goals through an income generating activity.

A Lifestyle Business Offers Freedom And Flexibility

For those who love travel and adventure or have family in different parts of the world; a lifestyle business is ideal. It lets you choose when and where you work – you only need a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

For me, spending more time with my family and friends, who are in different parts of the world is essential. It doesn’t matter where I go, I only have to take my computer, and I am set to continue conducting business.

Flexibility And Control Of Your LIfe

A lifestyle business is one that promotes the lifestyle you want to live.

If you’re looking to maximise your enjoyment while having the freedom and security that comes with knowing you have full control of your life, then a lifestyle business may be what you need.

You can set your own schedule and optimise your freedom and independence.

Experience and Skills

During your working life, you have developed skills that you can use in your lifestyle business, and the opportunity to learn other skills that come with it depending on the type of business you decide to start.

Regardless of whether you worked in a senior position or not, the skills that you developed at work are invaluable to your own business.

Time Freedom

Once you have retired, you have more time on your hands. The children are older and have moved out. It is time to consider what to do with this newfound time available.

Maybe it is time to focus on your goals and aspirations. Time is the greatest asset when starting a new business.

This Information Age has opened a whole new world of opportunities; this is the time to make the most use of the available tools to do things that may have only been dreams in the past.

Investing In Your Business

One of the most significant issues when starting a business is around finding the finance to do so. With the Lifestyle Business, your investment will be a lot less than investing in traditional business.

However, depending on the business you choose, there will be necessary investments such as paying for your education, learning new skills, advertising, marketing, etc.

But in any case, you should always know how much cash you have available, and how you are planning to spend it.

Be Willing To Do The Work

Even though this business has many advantages, one thing that you have to take into account is that it will require time and commitment.

You will have to put the work, but If you want to work on something meaningful, you will have the motivation and the power to make it work.

The lifestyle business will help you to better yourself; you will grow as a person and become more resilient.

There are different ways to create a lifestyle business, I am an affiliate of the SFM education company and I love to spend time with people who are creative, entrepreneurial and want to be part of a great community who will support you and encourage you to reach your potential.

If you are interested in the online opportunity to create a lifestyle business, check out this free training and envision the possibilities.

And if you like what you see, I’d love to have you on board!

With much appreciation


You owe It To Yourself!

More than likely you have been telling yourself you want to enhance your life and engage in something powerful and meaningful. When that happens, you can consider yourself a successful lifestyle entrepreneur.

You Get To Decide!

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