Powerful Reasons To Consider A Lifestyle Business After Retirement

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After decades in the workforce, retirees, finally, gain control over how to spend their time. The range of hobbies, activities and opportunities open to them in retirement are highly extensive. They might consider using their work experience and start a new opportunity, but would a lifestyle business be what they truly want?

I always like the idea of having my own business, the problem was, I had no idea what kind of business was the best option for me.

Back in the 1980s, my husband and I went through the traditional route. John, my husband, had extensive knowledge in the plastics industry and since we wanted to own a business, we started one in manufacturing. It was his dream business and we went ahead with it.

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Is Your Age Stopping You From Starting An Online Business?

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Do you know that a remarkable number of people are undertaking entrepreneurship in and around the period of their retirement? People over the age of 50 are one of the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs 

Thanks to their extensive experience in management and broad professional networks they have in their favour, they turn their age into their advantage.

These entrepreneurs say their principal reason for starting an online or any business venture is to have a lifestyle choice and/or financial security. Many of them are bored with retirement, and they feel starting an online business is the best alternative. Continue reading “Is Your Age Stopping You From Starting An Online Business?”

Are You Ready to Create Transformation in Your Life?

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How many of us have set out on a journey to create transformation in our lives, whether it be for our health, business, relationships or personal growth but some reason or another, we don’t bring it to completion?

I am a perfect example of someone who hasn’t followed through. I started two good opportunities in the past. In both of those occasions I began enthusiastically, but after a period, I let them go and went back to my comfort zone.

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A True Story of Manifestation

When Dreams Manifest

 How do you determine what you want to manifest? Is it possible to reveal anything you want once you have created it in your mind?   Are you aware that when you are working on manifesting your dreams, obstacles and challenges will arise? 

My story began when I was young; I didn’t know anything about the Law of Attraction. But I distinctly remember that from a very young age I wanted to explore different cultures, in particular, England.

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Why Only 1% Understand This? by Tom Bilyeu

Money, Fulfilment, Power, Happiness

In this powerful message from Tom Bilyeu, he talks about how most people chase money, but if getting money is the only objective,  they will experience a high level of dissatisfaction.

Money has power, it is the great facilitator, and we can do a lot with money but what we are after is happiness.

We all have a goal, and that goal is not money, it is not the success; it is entirely brain chemistry. Continue reading “Why Only 1% Understand This? by Tom Bilyeu”