What Are the Basic Steps to Improve Your Personal Brand?

Personal Branding. What does specifically mean and how can people in business acquire an influential personal brand? I needed some answers.

When I first started my education in the online marketing business, I repeatedly heard about the importance of personal branding. To understand the concept entirely, I have gone back to my training and made some notes that I would like to share with you in this article.

What is Personal Branding?

It is about engaging and promoting what you stand for and sharing something that is in the best interests of your audience so that they trust you.  Your Personal Brand is a combination of skills and experiences that make you.

What are some quick actions anyone can do to strengthen their Personal Brand?

Ensure that you are communicating with your right audience. Recognize the problems you know they are going through and show understanding. Discover where they are focused on and what their passions are.

In the beginning, the best way is to share your own story; this wasn’t a comfortable area for me. I had to be vulnerable, open up, and be authentic to other people without holding back for fear of rejection or judgement.

It is certain that many people are in a similar position to mine. So I am putting those fears on one side by sharing my experiences and providing useful information to others in the hope that they may avoid the same struggles I have gone through, this is my story.

Before I started my online marketing education, I depended financially on my husband. He began to complain of hip problems and eventually, it became a significant issue. As a result, the income started to reduce, and I realised that if something happens to him, I will find myself with no income to support myself. As his health deteriorated and he needed an urgent hip replacement operation, I became his caregiver.

Added to that, we have two other sons living in different parts of the world. As a mother, it is essential for me to see them often, so I needed to find something that allowed me to become self-sufficient and to work from anywhere in the world.

Having decided that I had to do something fast, I did a lot of research and found a reliable platform where I been educating myself while,  at the same time,  being attentive to my husband’s needs.

Other areas that I have also gone through in the past have been Network Marketing and Direct Sales opportunities. I have a few stories to tell about those experiences.

Or, when my husband and I set up a traditional business because we didn’t like working for someone else, but at the same time, we depended a lot on my mother to look after our sons. We worked long hours and no time to enjoy with our sons or social life.

I am sure you have stories to share that can benefit others, the point is to identify your USP (Unique Selling Point) which in the early stages merely is, YOU!

In most instances, if you continue delivering useful information, show that you care, provide some mentorship or competence in your chosen area, your prospects will eventually trust you, and you will be their first choice.

In my next blog post, I will cover the fundamental question we all have when it comes to online marketing: What can I Write about When I Am Starting in Online Marketing? 

I hope this short article has been of help to you and inspired to share your story as well. We are in this together.

If you are ready to make a change in your life and want to start discovering the possibilities, have a look at this webinar with Stuart Ross. All you have to do is to listen and find out if it is something that would be of interest to you.

As usual, I would love to hear your ideas, comments or suggestions. Please do so in the comments below.

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