What Lifestyle Would You Like to Create as a Senior Entrepreneur?

Has the idea of becoming a senior entrepreneur and improving your quality of life has been in your mind?

Have the thought of building a freedom lifestyle business sounds intriguing to you?

You probably have heard that a lifestyle business can provide you freedom, financial independence, and total control of your life, but it is a foreign concept to most.

When I was at school the focus was to get good grades, go to college and get a good job.

If anyone talked about getting into a conventional business it implied a massive risk.

Thanks to the internet, people with entrepreneurial aspirations can start and run a lifestyle business worldwide, and it very well applies to seniors as well.

I am a full-time carer for my husband and have a son with multiple sclerosis, so I was looking for an opportunity to allow me to work from home and gave me a head start and unlimited income potential.

Geographical freedom was also essential as I have two other sons and close family who live all over the world, and, this opportunity also had to give me autonomy, freedom, and flexibility.

I knew that satisfaction and fulfilment was something that could only come from something I believed in and loved doing.

I failed in my conventional business attempt, and I was not at the most confident stage of my life.

Building a freedom lifestyle business was entirely new for me. After working on traditional jobs and in a conventional family business, the thought of starting a lifestyle business was not an easy idea to grasp.

There is no doubt that a lot of people are sceptical that a lifestyle business can earn you money while you sleep or travel the world; it is a foreign concept to most.

However, I was eager to find an opportunity that would give me a head start and unlimited income potential and I did my research.

I am a full-time carer for my husband and have a son with multiple sclerosis, so I wanted to work from home.

Also, two of my sons and close family are all over the world, so geographical freedom was essential, and it had to give me autonomy, freedom, and flexibility.

I knew that satisfaction and fulfilment was something could only come from something I believed in and loved doing.

I had already failed in my conventional business attempt and I was not at the most confident stage of my life.

So to build my confidence I got deeply involved into personal development. I bought a lot of those kind of books and took courses.

In one of those course, I learned about online businesses. The facilitator talked about it with great enthusiasm and, for me, it was all ‘too good to be true.’

A desk with modern computer, iPhone, speakers and books

What Is A Freedom Lifestyle Business?

But, I did my diligence and went through websites, ebooks and videos, and I came across a lady called Landria from Atlanta.

She talked about changing my life, going after my dreams, living a lifestyle of financial and time freedom through the internet.

I checked her website, and there was something about her I instantly liked. She seemed very genuine and warm-hearted.

What I also liked was that she avoided most of the hype I saw with other advertisers online. She went straight to the point, and I didn’t feel any pressure at all to get involved.

Landria introduced me to the SFM Digital Business System. It was a whole new world for me.

Just watching the seven free videos that Landria sent me; they gave me so much value that I could only ask myself this. “Imagine what kind of value their products and systems must contain if this is what they are giving away for free!”

I decided then and there to start my lifestyle business.

I learned about a business model called Affiliate Marketing that required very little start-up capital, didn’t need me to have my own website or products to sell, and I could do it part-time around my job and other commitments!

The SFM training modules explained how there are thousands and thousands of vendors (product owners) out there, in almost every market, who were willing to pay a commission (usually 10 – 50%) every time you refer a customer to them.

The vendor also does all the hard work, for example, they create the websites, the products, the sales funnels, the fulfilment, etc., and all I had to do is the marketing. In other words, refer to the customer.

This article is not about Affiliate Marketing, but this business module is undoubtedly something to consider for anyone who wants to start online.

I know that if I hadn’t got my start with Affiliate Marketing, it’s unlikely I would have ever begun my journey of becoming a digital entrepreneur in the first place.

What I like best about SFM is that they do care for their students. They have a fantastic like-minded community and their ‘Marketing System‘ is something that ANYONE could learn to make a good living online.

It is a great system that requires work and commitment, where you have to spend time and some money getting everything set up, and running smoothly.

But once things are set up, it could start to become highly automated.

It is also important to know that any person, anywhere in the world, can use the system to sell any product.

In the beginning, I was sceptical, but after two years of being involved with them, I can certify its authenticity, and I am so glad I chose this company to build my lifestyle business.

Is having time and financial freedom something you would like to experience?

Perhaps, you like me, want to enjoy a better quality of life and financial independence.

The SFM Digital Business System mission is to help individuals who want to get out of the traditional way and desire to learn an online business to start gaining financial security and growth.

And, if you are looking for a dynamic community of individual with like-minds and similar goals to yours, you will find it with SFM.

We are fortunate to live in an economy that offers a life of total freedom and flexibility.

It is exciting to know we have choices, and we could start something to be proud of doing, something that would stand the test of time to provide people with a legitimate alternative.

There is not need to be an expert in technology, I certainly wasn’t, all you will need is a working computer, a decent Internet connection and the commitment to achieving your goals.

The system is easy once you understand it in principle. It is a method of generating income that takes most of the variable and heavy lifting.

It introduces a whole new element of leverage. Leverage is about working smarter – not harder; that is what this system is all about.

One crucial thing is that when it comes to marketing, we better make sure that what we are promoting something we are proud of, that is aligned with our values and with market demand.

The good news is that I didn’t have to worry about this step, the company has already done it for us.

As I already have a full-time job as a carer, having the facility to promote something that provides value to others without the hassle of developing, supporting, and fulfilling it has been of great benefit to me.

Do You Truly Want To Change For A Better Life?

The truth is that we all want to change for a better life but we all need help.

I have been spending at least two hours a day learning from the best. They have already done it.

I have been learning, reading, investigating, and applying their advice and knowledge.

My vision is big enough to keep me motivated through the steep learning curves and I am also learning to ignore the naysayers.

I now understand the power and simplicity of the SFM model and start to gain confidence in my abilities.

The Secret I Learned

When I first started, I rushed everything. I went through the training modules very quickly and at the end I got confused.

So I decided to slow down and take things one small step at the time. I had to start again and getting clear on what I was doing.

I have been fortunate to meet a few fantastic people along the way who are always willing to provide advice and support.

If you would like to find out more about how it works, how you can benefit from this education and success stories, please click this link.

Final Thoughts

Remember, even though the digital environment will change and evolve and grow, the opportunity and principles will remain relevant.

If you are ready to take your life to a new whole level and live the life you are dreaming about, make a decision and commitment. You won’t regret it.

Please share your thoughts and aspirations with me. I’d love to hear from you.

To Your Success,


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