Why Is Affiliate Marketing a Good Model to Start With?

Do you know that Affiliate Marketing is the primary go-to business for people who are first getting started with an online business? It gives you the opening in today’s digital world.

Unlike most businesses, it doesn’t require significant start-up capital.

As long as a laptop and an internet connection are accessible, anyone can make a start.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple model. You promote other people’s products and services, and in return, you get paid a commission when you make a successful sale.

Anyone can learn online marketing regardless of age, background, sex or location.

It is an industry or business that, once you gain the skills, and depending on your experience and dedication, can give you an additional income stream to your primary income or even financial freedom.

When I heard about this industry, I was in a place in life where I was not confident to start something new, but at the same time, I knew I had to do something to become self-reliant. Have you ever been there?

I chose online marketing because I could identify a few crucial reasons why it was a perfect model for me.

I spend 80% to 90% attending the needs of my husband and son who need care and support due to their health. It gives me the facility to do it part-time while attending my carer’s responsibilities, which are vital for me

Affiliate Marketing is a great business model for me because it doesn’t require cold calling, hard selling or attending B2B networking meetups which I am not keen.

After failing in my previous business adventures, I lost confidence.  But thanks to the nature of this business and while  I am learning the skills, I am building my belief in a pleasant environment which supports me.

Affiliate Marketing is the kind of business I can do at my own time, behind the scenes, without having to talk about it too much and get on with it, it is a good fit for me.

Why is Affiliate Marketing a Good Model to Start with?

Photo of ball-shaped worldOnline marketing is now more powerful than ever has been. You can promote whatever niche you prefer to people all around the world through all different methods and all different platforms.

Once you learn the skills as an affiliate, there are thousands of products and services of every kind of niche you can refer to and earn a commission.

If you are interested in the digital world, there are lots of business models you can choose from; it doesn’t matter if you are starting from the very beginning or you already have some skills. It is not as complicated as you might think.

The bigger picture of Affiliate Marketing is that you are offering to business owners a skill set that can help them make more sales.

The essential thing to understand is the benefit that you are offering to the digital economy as an affiliate.

Blogging, Social Media, Community/Forums are free methods in Online Marketing. Ads you see on Facebook, YouTube, Google are paid to advertise, and it is a more powerful method.

You can target people on their sex, demographics, the platforms they are on, their interests. Once people show interest in your product, you can retarget them and follow them through the internet.

It has got more accessible and more comfortable to set-up a straightforward campaign. For example, once you place an ad on Facebook, it can be up and running within minutes, driving leads to your website and potential sales.

Products, industries and services are changing all the time, but as an Affiliate, you can change the products you are promoting any day at any time. If one industry is booming and you have learnt the skills of referring customers, you can get paid for those referrals.

Imagine the power you have when you know that you can tap into online marketing to generate and scale sales in your own business.

Once you learn the skill, you’ve got a skill for the digital economy that cannot be taken away from you.

Most businesses don’t teach and share their skills with others because they are more concerned about competition while with Affiliate Marketers don’t worry about the competition; the reason is that there are so many products and services to be sold online, there is enough for everyone.

The online marketer’s community is willing to share ideas that are working, and you can apply it to the many options that are out there. It is a fantastic community because they are always sharing what is working for them. Not many industries can say that.

If you are financially ambitious, you want to make sure you get proper guidance and advice in the market you are going into, if the financial return is one of your key priorities.

Even though the opportunity is vast, different markets offer different income potential. Specific niches don’t have that scope when it comes to the amount of income you can earn because people don’t spend money in that niche.

Teddy Bear Reading a BookHave you read Rich Dad Poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki?  One of his primary teachings is that you should always create multiple streams of income, and affiliate marketing can still be added to anything you are doing, whether you are in your own business or not.

It could be ongoing, and that is what passive income is. You can earn a considerable amount if you know what you are doing.

If might not be for everyone but learning the skill of online marketing is one of the best things you could do regardless of what you want to do in the future.

Perhaps you’ve got the grand vision to build your own products or services,  create your empire or assist other business generate more sales, you’ve got that skill set, and nobody can take it away from you.

It has been exciting for me to have discovered this business model and more importantly the skills I am learning are going to support me in this journey to create a much better quality of life.

I hope this article has helped you identify if Affiliate Marketing is the right fit for you.

If you are interested in free tutorials and training, please check this Free 7 Day Video Series.

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