Why does Australia celebrate Father’s Day in September?

Did you know Australia celebrates Father’s day in September? It is on the First Sunday of September rather than celebrating it on the third Sunday of June like many countries, among them the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, India, China, Japan, the Philippines and South Africa.

But like Australia, other countries such as New Zealand, Fiji and  Papua New Guinea also celebrate Father’s day in September.

Many people presume the date is different in the southern hemisphere because in Australia autumn is in June while Father’s day in Australia coincides with the start of Spring making a good day to mark the beginning of the season.

The general tradition started in the US in 1910. But for Australia, it began in 1936 as per an archived newspaper article which lists it as a “new day.”

Australia loves to celebrate social and cultural events due to its multicultural society. It has a diverse culture and lifestyles, and like many other countries, they celebrate it with much excitement and fun.

How does Australia celebrate Father’s Day?

As Father’s Day always falls on a Sunday. Cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues are all bustling, not to mention shopping malls where Sunday trading is allowed.

As two of our sons are away from Perth, I decided to treat John, my husband, to a Spanish Tapas restaurant on Friday.   John had a red wine and I had a  lovely  “Espumante” with our delicious lunch. I knew it would make him happy as he loves the Spanish/Mexican ambience.

Other families prefer to spend quality time with their family at home preparing their favourite recipes and to relax at home.  It could be a breakfast or lunch which is a tradition in Australia.

We celebrated Father’s day with our son, who lives in Perth. He received lovely surprises. His smaller children expressed their love and gratitude by making and crafting beautiful cards and gift handmade presents.

My older two grandsons, went shopping and got their dad a nice cologne. But presents such as gourmet food and BBQ, accessories, clothing, home equipment, books, hobbies or gift vouchers are popular in Australia.

On the day, we spent the afternoon with our son,  his four children and Stella, their dog, at the park.  It was a lovely family time, and our son had fun watching them play.

Australian families love going to parks, theatre, zoo, movies, adventure trips, camping, sports or any other exciting activity to strengthen the bond between them.

Public Life

Some clubs and societies take the initiative to organise entertainment programs as well as different games and activities for  Father’s Day.

Television and radio programs also have Father’s Day special times. They could talk about positive and inspirational Father’s Day stories published in magazines or newspapers.

Father’s Day is also an excellent opportunity to raise funds for charity purposes. They organise activities like fun runs or purchasing unique gifts for worthy causes.

What about yourself?  When does your country celebrate Father’s Day and how is it celebrated?  We’d love to hear your story.

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