Why is Personal Branding Important?

One of my readers kindly asked me to elaborate more on this topic which I am happy to do as it has also encouraged me to get deeper into such an important point.

In my previous blog What are the Basic Steps to Improve Your Personal Brand, I talked about the importance of personal branding and some necessary actions to strengthen it.

In this article, I have gone into more detail in the hope that it gives a better explanation to cultivate and represent who we indeed are.

What exactly is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is the general impression you make on people. It comprises your unique skills, personality, as well as accurately representing the value you are consistently delivering to those with whom you interact.

Good personal branding requires a tremendous amount of self-monitoring, plan and responsibility to present your values to the world. It is your stamp, an asset that you must protect while continuously creating it and defining it.

Personal branding demands you to be a great role model and mentor with the purpose of serving others for the relationship they have with you and for being associated with your work and the industry you serve.

By sharing your values, your strengths and communicating your expertise to your chosen target audience through your online, verbal and networking channels, you can build trust and dependability, resulting in peace of mind and referrals when dealing with others.

Why Is Personal Branding Important?

It has always been a great benefit to know how we perceive others and what they advocate, this is why we need to communicate the value you bring when connecting with others.

A study in 2012 by California Polytechnic State University examines how developing and maintaining a personal branding can assist to further career development and success.

In the same study, Labrecque, Markos, and Milne (2011) indicate that “personal branding entails capturing and promoting an individual’s strengths and uniqueness to a target audience,”

The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive. Therefore, personal branding is an essential tool for job seekers and entrepreneurs to outline their strongest attributes to open doors for a diversity of opportunities.

Personal Branding will enhance your confidence

It is what drives you, your mission and purpose. It is the way you express yourself. It is how you determine to take your ‘big why’ to the world.

When telling your story, communicate a positive image. Endeavour to bring your unique aspects,  your aspirations and skills.

In a nutshell, a personal branding guides you to develop a sense of self, identifying what you stand for and even consolidate your path in life.

By spreading your message, like-minded people will seek you out for growth and other favourable opportunities.

How well are you communicating your Personal Branding to others?

When you are networking, in a meeting, seminar, or other events, do you make a conscious association of how you see yourself and how you believe others perceive you?

It is a bit challenging at first, but when you start seeing yourself through who you are, your perspective will change, and you will become more aware of how you approach your personal brand as you are aiming to define it.

As yourself how you make people feel; what benefits they will receive by being around you and what words do others use to describe who you are.

When you are living in alignment with your values, you feel energised, confident and assertive.

Gaining new skills, not only will open doors for future opportunities but the education and knowledge you acquire is invaluable.

Associating with like-minded people and with inspirational leaders is a powerful and effective way to become more successful. Surround yourself with those who support you and inspire you.

A prominent leadership teacher, Teresa Page, quotes: “Turn your desire for building wealth into your desire in helping more people by asking “how can I serve more people today?”

It is my sincere desire that this article has given you a clearer picture of the importance of your personal brand and its benefits.

As always, I would love to know your views. Please share them in the comments below.

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