Why Only 1% Understand This? by Tom Bilyeu

In this powerful message from Tom Bilyeu, he talks about how most people chase money, but if getting money is the only objective,  they will experience a high level of dissatisfaction.

Money has power, it is the great facilitator, and we can do a lot with money but what we are after is happiness.

We all have a goal, and that goal is not money, it is not the success; it is entirely brain chemistry.

It is all about how we feel about ourselves when we are by ourselves. It is about being deeply fulfilled; it is about being proud of who we are.

Fulfilment motivates you to identify and clarifies your vision ever more clearly.

It is the driving force that inspires you to learn the new skills that are pleasurable; skills that you are passionate about and by acquiring the skills that you enjoy and love, then you can serve other people, it is the happiness we are all after.

Money gives us temporary pleasures. However, we can use that money to do something we believe in. It will not only empower us but help us empower others,  which in turn,  will sustain long-lasting fulfilment.

If you are doing something that is not making you a lot of money but you are passionate about it, enjoying it and it is allowing you to build skills that are serving you and other people, you will feel fulfilled,  doors will open, and money will come.

Here is the complete message from Tom. Enjoy it!

I totally agree with his point of view.  There is a great misconception that money is all we need to be happy.  It is a fantastic tool and we can’t do without it.

I would love to enjoy all the pleasure life has to offer, and I am striving to acquire them but, as Tom says, fulfilment is the key, and everything will fall into place.

What are your thoughts about it?  We’d love to know your ideas in the comments below.

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